Is Permanent Makeup Right For Me?

Ladies spend hours upon hours of their life applying makeup. If you spent 10 minutes per day on makeup, that adds up to 3,650 minutes per year. WOW! Think of what you could do with an extra 3,650 minutes in a year. That’s over 60 hours. That’s where a good medical spa springfield mo can help you with a permanent makeup solution that works for you. Just think of it…no more applying makeup while a child pulls on your leg! No more being late for a date because you can’t get your eyeliner to work as it should!

girl wearing makeup

Let’s talk about the positives of your decision to choose permanent makeup.

It’s great for busy ladies. With permanent makeup springfield mo, you won’t have to apply makeup every day. This is great for mom’s, athletes, or anyone else that is just tired of spending time applying makeup.

It won’t wipe off. Say goodbye to raccoon eyes! These are a thing of the past with permanent makeup.

It can match your style. A good medical spa can match your makeup to your personal style, adjusting for color and more.

It will make you more confident. Did you know that you can use permanent makeup for aerola repigmentation or breast scars? In this case, it can really change your outlook.

Let’s face it though. There are downsides to everything. Let’s examine them in this case.

There is no going back. Once it is done, it’s done.

It might hurt. It depends on the quality of the service provided, but permanent makeup application can hurt. Choose a quality facility such as DermaHealth Laser & Skin Care Clinic and you won’t have to worry about that. They use sterilized, one-use equipment combined with anesthesia to limit discomfort.

It might fade. Unfortunately, it isn’t always so permanent. It can fade, just like a tattoo. You might have to go in from time to time to have lines darkened.

I hope you have found this to be a thoughtful weighing of the pros and cons of permanent makeup. Like anything else, it is great for some and not right for others.